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Information on public transport in Riga
You can explore Riga with the following means of public transport: buses, trolleybuses, trams. These means of transport are available at 5.00 a.m. to midnight.

Riga has no integrated ticket system. The tickets can be purchased at the driver, guard or kiosk.

The information on the routes and prices of the city transport in Riga:
About Riga
Riga, the capital of Latvia, is a city situated near the Dzwina River in the region of its mouth leading to the Baltic Sea in the Bay of Riga. It is the major economic-industrial centre and transport centre (marine port, airport and railway node of Central Riga), cultural centre and scientific centre of the country. The monumental Old Town is entered into the list of the world cultural and natural heritage of UNESCO. It is one of the greatest agglomerations of secession architecture in Europe. The city is located on the route of the European Brick Gothic Route. The most popular monuments and characteristic points of Riga include:

The Protestant cathedra built around 1211. Currently, it remains the greatest medieval temple of the Baltic countries. This cathedra has large organ by E.F.Walcker with 6768 pipes with mechanical tracker action, dated from 1883-1884.

The Catholic St Jacob Cathedral in Riga – a gothic church mentioned for the first time in the files in 1225. At the beginning of the 15th century, the St Cross Chapel was added to the church. In 1522, after the reformation, the hurch became the second Protestant, German church of Riga. In 1523, a sermon was given in Latvian for the first time. In 1582, when Riga was under the reign of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the church was handed over to the Jesuits. In 1621, it was returned to the Lutherans when the Swedish army under the command of the King Gustaw II Adolph took Riga. In 1812, it was used by the Napoleon’s army as a food warehouse. In 1923, the church was returned to the Catholics.

The castle of knights of the order of the sword cavalry erected in 1330-1353, the main seat of the order in Inflanty. In 1582, the castle was resided by the King Stephan Batory. Since 1995 it is a residence of the President of Latvia and the seat of several state museums.
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