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Frequently asked questions :
What liquids and in what quantities can be taken the board?
A passenger can put objects with a liquid or solid consistency into a hand luggage and take it on the board. The total capacity of all packaging cannot be higher than 1 litre and the capacity of every bottle with liquids cannot be higher than 100 millilitres. A passenger can transport drugs and food for children within specific limitations. The duty service may request to try the food and to produce a document of proof that a passenger needs to have these drugs, such as the insulin.
What safety rules passengers must obey?
PA passenger who takes a flight should know the rules of safety concerning both the passengers and the objects taken on the board.

Before boarding, every passenger must undergo a security check where the hand luggage and personal objects are inspected.

Rules for security check:
  1. A passenger is required to produce his/her passport or identification card as well as the boarding card. Before departing to a given country it is good to assure yourself what documents you need to cross the border.
  2. A passenger places into special containers his/her hand luggage and private objects such as: wallet, telephone, coins, other articles and clothing. These objects will be scanned. At the same time, a passenger goes through a gate fitted with a metal detection sensor.
  3. All the electronic devices such as telephones or computers must undergo inspection.
Should this be required, a passenger may be requested to undergo an additional inspection with a metal detector or a thorough personal check.
What you may not take on board?
You may not take on board:
  1. Weapons
  2. Ammunition
  3. Knifes and other sharp objects
  4. Toys that are similar to weapons such as: guns, grenades
  5. Explosive or flammable substances
  6. Compressed gases
  7. Toxic and infectious substances
  8. Radiating substances
  9. Magnetic materials
The above objects can be transported as Cargo.
What documents I need to have when travelling?
A passenger who goes to a foreign country should check what documents allow him/her to cross the border (passport, identification card or a valid visa).
What is an electronic ticket?
It is a document recorded in the booking system that contains the following passenger data: name and surname, flight route, departure and arrival times, payment form, booking number and ticket number. A passenger who buys a ticket receives its print which needs to be produced during check-in. The data on the ticket are checked with a valid documents of identity authorising to visit a given country (passport or identity card).
What can be put into the hand luggage?
The luggage that is taken on the board may contain:
  1. Liquids, creams, perfumes in packages of up to 100 millilitres packed into a transparent bags that can be easily closed and opened. For one flight you can take 10 bags with liquids each with a volume of 100 millilitres, a total capacity of 1 litre.
  2. Drugs and food for children (100 millilitres per each container).
  3. Perfumes, liquids, drinks that are purchased in the transit zone of the airport. Each such article must be packed into a tightly closed bag.
  4. Precious things such as wallet, mobile phones, laptops, money.
It is recommended to transport other objects in a registered luggage.
What you may not put into a registered luggage?
A passenger may not transport the following objects in the registered luggage due to safety reasons:
  1. Money
  2. Credit cards
  3. Documents
  4. Passports
  5. Keys
  6. Jewellery
  7. Cameras
  8. Video cameras
  9. Electronic equipment (laptops, computers, data carriers)
And also works of art, delicate objects and other precious things.
Forms of payment for the tickets?
  1. At INTAIR office: cash or money transfer
  2. AirBaltic website: credit card
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